Monday, March 9, 2009

Zilker Park

Benjamin having loads of fun
Alex running through all the water, making an awful lot of noise it has to be said!

I got them all to pose for me, Tex included, she was starting to get tired now from the swimming so happy to sit and be cuddled.
Tex in Town Lake fetching sticks we were throwing in for her. It was the first time we had taken her to Town lake and let her in the actual lake, last time she stayed on the lead and went in at Barton Springs, where the dogs are allowed to go. I will write another article on Barton Springs, it is an amazing place.
Anyway, fun was had. we had gone for a walk with Tex, but as usual A and B's enthusiasm for life wins the day. They have a lot of energy- until they decide piggy backs are needed, or on the shoulders, which I have to say Alex is VERY close to not being able to go on my shoulders. I could feel the weight of him push me through to Australia- maybe Australia is not below me any more!!! Anyway the point is that boy is getting BIG. he is counting down to his birthday now big time.
They enjoyed the walk, climbing the sides of the walks( with me cringing and Allan blase), going in to the Lake as well, which was very pleasant temperature actually and then the fountains designed for the children to play in, then the play area back by the car. They have energy. This was after a sleepover at our house the night before with two friends and not going to bed until midnight.

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