Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A real American Hamburger

Mum was fascinated with this buffalo, so I thought I would include a picture, we were sititng facing it during the meal!!

Our side of half and half( fries and onion rings), we only needed one portion between the three of us

To help you gauge the size of the rings, mum is holding one for you!!

And then there is the drinks!! Everything is bigger in Texas

Mum had asked to try and American hamburger, so Jo and Alan recommended 'Huts', a very popular spot for hamburgers, great memorabilia on the walls, and freshly cooked food. It was great. Huts is downtown, so off we went one lunchtime( after mum had bought me herbs for my birthday present, to replace all the ones I had to leave behind) so we were ready for some food. The icing on the cake was Cara paid for lunch as well- Go Cara!!

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Abi said...

Never fear, your herbs are well used and well loved.