Monday, March 9, 2009

An over view of the week

Good morning to Y'all, I have not been good at updating the blog again this week - life is very busy at the moment. The high lights of the week would be:

  • Both Cara and I have been to the Dentist ( all boys going in Spring break next week!)
  • I went to Ballet Austin new season cocktail party as a guest of Sandi, and had a lovely evening.I am now going to see Cinderella with Cara, Diana and her two daughters Beth and Sammy in May
  • have been excellent and gone to Jazzercise 4 times last week
  • Allan and I ran on Sunday, then went down to Zilker with Tex and the younger boys
  • had a brilliant evening out on Saturday- more to follow!
  • Went to a wonderful 5th birthday party - photos to follow
  • Have had friends to tea - always good

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