Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mum's leaving this afternoon -but lunch first

At Alex and Ben's school you can join your children for lunch, you have to sit on the stage, which the kids love, they can look loftily down on their classes and get to eat what ever you bring for them- it does not have to be school food.
So for mum's last lunchtime in Texas she went out in style down at Baranoff elementary school and had lunch, Ben's lunch time is 10.43am until 11.12, and Alex's is 12.12 until 12.43, so we were up and down from the school, around final packing, filling the car with petrol( or gas!!!) and putting all mum's visit photo's on a memory stick for her. benjamin wanted a pack lunch with a jam sandwich, Alex's wanted a KFC, so had to fit collecting that as well.

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