Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mum's good bye party

Me conducting a happy Birthday for Victoria, who's birthday was the following day, Sunday

Alan Hunter enjoying, just enjoying. He does it so quietly compared to my noisy

Mum, Sandi and I. Emily was trying to take photo's of me and mum, and found that I do not stand still for long- so I posed for this!! a rare occurrence when sober
Diana's husband John chatting to mum- please note all the food- it was Texas Awesome, all dips kindly provided by friends, and the cookies and muffins as well.
Charlotte and mum. Mum and I had been to coffee with Emily( Charlotte's daughter), the day before at 9am, remember we start our school days earlier, so mum and Charlotte had already met and were happy to keep chatting.

Well the aprty was set for 4pm, started well, got better and over 40 people came. we had children running around, the Wii going in the family room, Rockband in the drawing room, Allan outside cooking on the grill( getting quiet cold as a cold front came in on the saturday) the men seemed to collect out there, and us ladies stayed near the wine and food. It shows a lot of common sense. We let the upstairs play area open up as well, as the temperatures outside did drop down into the low 60's and high 50's by the time we had finished, with the wind as well, we needed to allow inside play!! I am getting soft.

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Abi said...

You are getting soft, that's a hot summer day in England!!