Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mum's last day -Sunday 1st March

This is some bats flying at sunset. I am getting better at doing the blog than I am photography. The Congress Avenue Bridge spans Town Lake in downtown Austin and is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America. The colony is estimated at 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats. Each night from early March to November, the bats emerge from under the bridge at dusk to blanket the sky as they head out to forage for food. This event has become one of the most spectacular and unusual tourist attractions in Texas. The most spectacular bat flights are during hot, dry August nights, when multiple columns of bats emerge. There are several points from which to view the event, and an information kiosk is located on the north bank of the river, just east of the bridge. As you can see we went on a boat, and were the only people on it, so a private tour was had . derek our captain gave us a great narrative on Austin, let the younger ones steer the boat and as you can see, let us drink wine.

I am trying to be a budding photographer here- sunset looking down Town lake
Alex and Ben steering the boat - Allan watching- just in case. our boys have spirit!!!
Still aiming for photographer of the year- Downtown Austin at Sun set.
There's that picture of mum and I with wine!
Before we went on the boat, we had a family meal at Texas Land and Cattle at Zilker, so we were full and ready for a cool boat trip. That is Texas cool by the way. jack had his normal- a 20oz steak. i think he will look like one soon.

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