Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Kite Festival

So this is a kite!
you can just see many kites in the sky - so i try and give you a sky full and.....
This is a sky full of kites, higher than my camera will focus on apparently!!
My boys!
Alex wished to try the climbing wall, he had to contribute some of his own money as it was $3 a go!! he did this willingly and off he went.

He loved being kitted out to climb.
Yep, my boys again- car and mum are heading home to deal with Tex- i am the cameraman!!

Austin holds a Kite festival each year as well, it is a free event put on and was very well attended. They had concessionaires there, but you could just take your kite and fly it with other like minded people. For next year we will be better prepared, have a picnic and blankets, chairs and kites.
We went down to it witht he boys on Sunday, whist Cara and Mumw ent home for mum to rest her knees before the boat trip and cara to let Tex out. Next year we will know we can actually take Tex.

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