Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ben's green party

Green jelly!

Cara and Mrs Zapp chating whilst the children are eating and having seconds!!! please note we also wore green
The children were asked to wear green, this is Ben's table eating so politely.

The cookies I made- also sent some in to the school office and Allan's work- got to keep the workers happy.

Mrs Zapp held a green party for the children yesterday, because St.Patricks day is looming. We are actually all on Spring Break next weeks, so a week early they held the party.
Lots of parents sent in green food for them to taste, a plate was made up of all items and the children ahd to try everything- pistachio nuts, spinach, celery, roasted salted peas, broccoli, green peeps, cookies( I actually made the cookies green- green dough and green icing!!!) green grapes, kiwi fruit, green jelly(or Jello), avacardo, apple, green bell pepper, sugar snap peas and i am sure I am missing some things!!
Fun was had by all, then they made a St.patricks day card with Cara and I that I took all the bits in for. The class is so creative and delightful to work with you don't mind going in and doing things.

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Abi said...

And not a burnt cookie in sight!