Saturday, February 25, 2012

Is it too cold to swim

So Ben and Alex have been wanting to go in the pool, we have been saying it is cold..well the pool might be but the outside temperature has been in the high 80's and crossing into the 90's, so we just let them go. Allan was even brave enough, although he will confirm, it was cold!!
Ben was reminiscing yesterday after school that he likes diving deep in the summer as the water down there is cool and on the top of the pool it is just too warm to swim in, but he was not having that problem this week he said. I just laughed and asked what it was like down deep and he said too cold for his ears. They all had fun, now I suppose as the pool season gets nearer, i will have to get down there and sort the furniture out and sweep of the rugs and make it look lovely again..I love our pool and we have shade and beautiful furniture this year so it will be a lot of fun.

Ben contemplating the deep end

he is not sure..telling me it is colder

he started in the shallow end

then rushed out again..

Then alex joins the fun

Allan, the hero just dives in from the side

when he surfaces...cold !!!

Alex teases us on the board..but would not dive

he keeps looking, but by now knows this is not warm enough for him

Tex on the other hand, no problem at all- straight in

then it is time to collect all the pool toys and head in

Why did we throw the toys in??? cold to retrieve

Tex is happy to get her bone, and just ignores the other things

one happy Benjamin

The painted booth

Alex putting the second coat on for me

hard work!!

Allan and Ben working on the outside

the finished booth, waiting for us to paint the table and the put the batons up

just another angle

this is the Make and Take come along

So Allan, Alex Ben and I went down to paint the booth last weekend, and I will post  a photo of that. We paid the boys in pizza, and that worked well. This weekend we are painting the posts we will be attaching to the side walls for the cards to hang from, I have all the mini clothes pegs ready, can't believe it is next excited and nervous about my new venture, but I will enjoy it no end. Everyone who has been there has been so friendly..there seems to be a camaraderie between stall owners. I hope that holds :-). I have ordered my sign, that will be ready on Tuesday to pick up and next week will be all about finalizing everything. My sales tax permit is through, so I am all legal as for some customers.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My new booth

This is my booth that we now have until December..I will post photo's when we have painted it and redone the wiring and lighting.  Going to be fun

Busy as always

Life is as busy as always, the kids all going in separate directions, but a joy to us. Jack is working a part time job, getting ready to graduate..which i should blog on separately. They have raised $40,000 so far for the graduation party..and yes that many zero's is accurate..graduation here is big, really big.
Alex has applied for a magnet school which specialises in maths and science, only 120 kids can go and over 800 apply, so we are keeping our fingers crossed but also trying to reassure him if he does not get in, he is still an a and a+ student and should be proud.
Ben is enjoying being on a basketball team and doing well, loving school and being contrary, but growing up fast.
Cara starts a job at ARM in a week, which will bring her to sensible hours and better pay, so we are all excited about that.
I am taking on a booth at Wimberley market, it is open the first Saturday of each month March to December, which will be fun, selling my cards and scrapbook pages. we are all going down tomorrow to paint it. the boys enjoying painting which should be great fun.
Allan is busy at work and home. he has lots of projects to get on with, I am redoing my family room, the Chimney breast is painted and now for the walls. he wants to build another tree house and join the two with a wooden slatted bridge. I have projects for him, like cartridge lights for my Texas tree, and app for the iPhone, painting, redoing rooms..we are moving jack to Ben's and making it a mini apartment, Alex to Jacks room and Ben to Alex's room..the guest room is being left alone!!! This is not straight forward, as they all have 'stuff' and the boys want to have their rooms decorated in a certain way. Allan is going to make a high bed for Alex, like Dave and he did for we are all waiting to see how he progresses with a lot of projects and not enough time!!