Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The marathon is upon us-Your Support is needed

Only 19 sleeps until the marathon!!! why oh why do I do these things!!!!

Anyway, it is good for me, Allan is enjoying all the running and who needs a relaxing weekend when you can be out there running mega miles instead- football is over rated on the TV Saturday morning!!!( we can watch the premiere league live on a Saturday morning- we are 6 hours behind you).

So far nobody from UK has sponsored us, so please please can you. It is for a great cause and it helps us feel all this training has been worth it. There is a link at the side of the blog which you can use, and any amount it truly appreciated.

Thank you

I've finished my last cake course with Wilton's

Last night was the end of my cake courses with Wilton's, so now I just need to practice, practice and then practice a bit more. I have made friends and enjoyed going out each week for the courses, but will enjoy also not having all these cakes around the house, sending Allan off to work with them or taking them down to the school campus for the teachers. We are caked out in this house I think, although I am sure not for long.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The marathon is upon us-Your Support is needed

The Austin marathon is on February 15th, Allan and I will be running it this year for CChIPAG A web page has been created especially about the charity we have chosen this year and you are able to donate through that page. Any monies you can donate will be greatly appreciated and going to a very worth while cause. We have put the link to the page as a permenant feature on the side bar of my blog( thank you so much Jo for helping with that). Although the amounts are in $, and they are asking for a country, and only giving you three choices, just leave it as 'select' and any details you enter will go through fine. I have tested the system with an English card and our American card , and surprise, they managed to take money from me both times.
Any support is greatly received by Allan and myself, we apprecaite every $ or £ that you kindly donate.

If you would prefer to donate to an English account, then I have a LloydsTSB account that is only for fundraising- Run for Charity, 30-95-36 A/C 17707560. I can move the money accross from there.

Thank you

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An extra link for you all

In the side bar you will see a new link - Jo and Alan's blog. Jo is the photographer extraordinaire who took the photos of us down at the trail of lights, and is in the photo's with Alan at the New Years eve party - both holding bottles of beer!!. Jo and Allan have been out here for a couple of years now, and Jo's blog is all about their time, but a different angle to mine- they sensibly do not have kids!!! So with Jo's computer skills you will see more video clips, twitter is on her's and I find the blog really interesting. I asked Jo to link hers to mine so you could all see things other than the children and us and what we are up too. If you are thinking of coming out here, Jo's blog gives you a wonderful insight in to Austin, Texas and a variety of things that my blog wont- do enjoy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A warm morning

good morning, I am sitting outside with Tex letting her have some run around time with company, we came out here at 0635 this morning, and what a delightful morning. We have, and still are, watching the sun come up. The temperature, according to my outdoor sensor, is 62.4f and the humidity is 94%. We are meant to have a cold front heading towards us tomorrow, so the temperature will cool down again for a few days. it is so nice to sit in the garden( or back yard) at this time of the morning and it be so pleasant. must go and refill my coffee, will need to get an outside coffee machine!!!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New years Eve Party

We held our New years eve party, It would not be the same for me with out a party!!! We had nearly 40 people , including the children. The weather was kind to us, although it did get cold when we went outside to set off the fireworks, which a neighbour has bought with him. The children enjoyed that bit. Lots of fireworks seemed be going off around the area. We have a fire ban on at the moment due to the dry conditions, so the type of firework you could set of was controlled. We had the heads up on this as one of our guests is married to a local sheriff and he kept popping around to the party to join us, and then having to go and deal with an incident somewhere, and then back to us. He had to do that at our last gathering as well, so he is going to try and be off for my birthday party, and be able to enjoy himself and relax. I hope you all had a lovely evening and enjoyed seeing the New Year. I raised a glass to each and every one of you( by the feel of head may be too many glasses). I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2009