Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The marathon is upon us-Your Support is needed

Only 19 sleeps until the marathon!!! why oh why do I do these things!!!!

Anyway, it is good for me, Allan is enjoying all the running and who needs a relaxing weekend when you can be out there running mega miles instead- football is over rated on the TV Saturday morning!!!( we can watch the premiere league live on a Saturday morning- we are 6 hours behind you).

So far nobody from UK has sponsored us, so please please can you. It is for a great cause and it helps us feel all this training has been worth it. There is a link at the side of the blog which you can use, and any amount it truly appreciated.

Thank you

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Abi said...

Hi, we have not forgotten you, I tried to go through the auto system, but it will not accept my type of card. Will do it into your English account very soon. Never Fear. We are very proud of all your efforts. Lots of Love.