Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An extra link for you all

In the side bar you will see a new link - Jo and Alan's blog. Jo is the photographer extraordinaire who took the photos of us down at the trail of lights, and is in the photo's with Alan at the New Years eve party - both holding bottles of beer!!. Jo and Allan have been out here for a couple of years now, and Jo's blog is all about their time, but a different angle to mine- they sensibly do not have kids!!! So with Jo's computer skills you will see more video clips, twitter is on her's and I find the blog really interesting. I asked Jo to link hers to mine so you could all see things other than the children and us and what we are up too. If you are thinking of coming out here, Jo's blog gives you a wonderful insight in to Austin, Texas and a variety of things that my blog wont- do enjoy!

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