Thursday, January 1, 2009

New years Eve Party

We held our New years eve party, It would not be the same for me with out a party!!! We had nearly 40 people , including the children. The weather was kind to us, although it did get cold when we went outside to set off the fireworks, which a neighbour has bought with him. The children enjoyed that bit. Lots of fireworks seemed be going off around the area. We have a fire ban on at the moment due to the dry conditions, so the type of firework you could set of was controlled. We had the heads up on this as one of our guests is married to a local sheriff and he kept popping around to the party to join us, and then having to go and deal with an incident somewhere, and then back to us. He had to do that at our last gathering as well, so he is going to try and be off for my birthday party, and be able to enjoy himself and relax. I hope you all had a lovely evening and enjoyed seeing the New Year. I raised a glass to each and every one of you( by the feel of head may be too many glasses). I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2009

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DMDK said...

Howdy, we are keeping an eye on you all out there but not as often as we would like! love to you all, Dee Garrard and Gang x