Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Arriving in Austin

Our flight from NY was delayed by 4 hours, so Allan collected us at 2am..not great but we were all in good spirits, and the children still cam e rushing into see us at 0630hrs, as they got ready for school..I made then wait to say Hi to Mum until just before they left for school at 0710hrs...

once here mum has relaxed and enjoyed the brilliant weather..spring has truly sprung for us, all the trees are out, the flowers are popping up every where and the lows are in the 50 or 60's and the highs are above 75f every day..fantastic..mum is tanning, reading and the boys are reminding her how loud they can be...which is pretty loud actually.

We have done some shopping, mum came with me to a card class on my birthday, and we have been grilling as well. As we visit places I will get them on the blog as well.

I have a few more NY photo's to put up and a class trip Ben went on, so hopefully you will get more photo's soon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We are on Liberty Island

It is a game... Can you find my mum or Liberty's head?

Luckily I am not reliant on my photographic skills for food and wine!!!

Mum and I took the ferry over to the two islands and had a great time, we were leaving New York later that day so wanted to make the most of the main sight seeing spots..I had a Granny Do list which we tried to get through.

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Here she is

As we approached Liberty Island mum had a better chance to see statue , as the view from the Staten island ferry was not as good..although it had been great going out on the water the previous day..the sun was shining for us and the wind was calm...the weather was very kind to us, because either side of our visit it was awful..they went back to snow and rain and high thank you New York.

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An extra passenger... I think he does not have a ticket

This seagull followed us out of battery park and stayed with the ferry, it was so close, obviously it has learnt that tourists feed stayed about 6-10 feet above us off the port side of the stern, I must agree it look very graceful..but I was glad I was not under neath it..good luck or not!

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