Wednesday, March 17, 2010

more photo's ....the back garden

This is Allan and Jack hard at work..they were cleaning the gutters and sweeping the job will be re-staining the decking...such fun.

You also have photo's of the playscape, the pool and the back decking, hopefully giving you an idea of the garden..these photos were all taken about 5 weeks ago, now we have some beautiful colours in our garden as everything is coming into blossom..the trees look fantastic..

you also have a picture of Tex..watching the men at work!

Luckily the pool in all enclosed so any children that come out can not get in easily.


Abi said...

Don't you mean yard?

It looks wonderful, always good to see men working!


Kim said...

I love the pictures of your yard. I'm an American who has lived as an expat in several European countries and have enjoyed following your blog for a year or so. It's fascinating to see your perspective of Texas and life here in the US. Glad you're having fun with it all!