Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The house

I know I have not managed to get pictures on the blog before..but it has been a case of needing time to download and sort out the photo's so i can upload to here..not an easy task for me..but after literally 5 hours today..all pictures correctly labeled...from when we moved in last November...lots of pictures I can tell you....so the new house..our beautiful home..

So the first picture is the media room, then you have the dining room, followed by the drawing room and then family room...you can see the kitchen and breakfast nook from these photos as well..as well as the breakfast bar...so hopefully it gives you an idea of the house..I have not bothered with the utility or downstairs bathroom..hope that's OK..

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Abi said...

And what makes you think we don't want to see the downstairs bathroom and utitity!!! Seriously it looks beautiful, can't wait to see it for real. Well done on the down/up loading.