Friday, January 16, 2009

The marathon is upon us-Your Support is needed

The Austin marathon is on February 15th, Allan and I will be running it this year for CChIPAG A web page has been created especially about the charity we have chosen this year and you are able to donate through that page. Any monies you can donate will be greatly appreciated and going to a very worth while cause. We have put the link to the page as a permenant feature on the side bar of my blog( thank you so much Jo for helping with that). Although the amounts are in $, and they are asking for a country, and only giving you three choices, just leave it as 'select' and any details you enter will go through fine. I have tested the system with an English card and our American card , and surprise, they managed to take money from me both times.
Any support is greatly received by Allan and myself, we apprecaite every $ or £ that you kindly donate.

If you would prefer to donate to an English account, then I have a LloydsTSB account that is only for fundraising- Run for Charity, 30-95-36 A/C 17707560. I can move the money accross from there.

Thank you

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