Saturday, February 25, 2012

The painted booth

Alex putting the second coat on for me

hard work!!

Allan and Ben working on the outside

the finished booth, waiting for us to paint the table and the put the batons up

just another angle

this is the Make and Take come along

So Allan, Alex Ben and I went down to paint the booth last weekend, and I will post  a photo of that. We paid the boys in pizza, and that worked well. This weekend we are painting the posts we will be attaching to the side walls for the cards to hang from, I have all the mini clothes pegs ready, can't believe it is next excited and nervous about my new venture, but I will enjoy it no end. Everyone who has been there has been so friendly..there seems to be a camaraderie between stall owners. I hope that holds :-). I have ordered my sign, that will be ready on Tuesday to pick up and next week will be all about finalizing everything. My sales tax permit is through, so I am all legal as for some customers.

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