Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alison has arrived

we are on the river walk in Sa Antonio, this is the statue of San Antonio, who the city was named after.
Alison and Cara out the front of the Alamo's church. it is now a shrine to those that fought and died. it has David Crocketts riffle in it!!
This is Alison in Frederricksburg, we were heading back to the car and I decided to take a picture of her next to a huge Cactus, for some unknow erason Alison thought it looked pruned, so touched it. This is her woth a sore finger!!!
This si her trying to get the needle out!!
And this is us in the Wine bar in lincoln St, just before we learnt we were 50 years old!!!!!!!!

The update

Alison has arrived and thankfully her journey was less traumatic than my mum's. The flight was on time AND Alison got an upgrade to club class- because she is such a classy lady!!!!

We have had a full on few days as Alison is only here for 5 days, not including her traveling ones, so we are fitting in as much as we can with out exhausting her and making sure her memories of Austin and Texas are great ones.

On Thursday- Day 1 we went to Fredericksburg. My mum had said Alison would love it, and she was right. Fun was had by us both, shopping was high on our agenda, a great lunch at the wine bar, ignoring the part when Danny the waiter said we looked like sisters( the good part) who were 50years old( the bad part!!).

On Friday -day 2, we went to the Alamo, which was beautiful and I think Alison was engrossed by the history of Texas and the reality that David Crockett was standing in the same place as we were.

Saturday day 3- today!! we have been out shopping at one of our huge shopping retail parks, lunch at a Texas steak house, Alison enjoyed a margarita for the first time( a strawberry one) and then we went to a Hello and Goodbye party at a friends ranch, who has just sold it. The new owners were there, and it was fun occasion for the boys, who loved the tree house, zip wire and general amount of children to play with.

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