Monday, March 9, 2009

We went out on teh Town!

So, Victoria and I went on stage-invited with our maraca's , to help along a song. we got totally into the spirit. The men watched from the balcony above- we like to think they suitably impressed with us!

Victoria and Will
My gorgeous husband and me
We all went to the restrooms together - a real girly thing. Cara tells me this is an essential photo for when you go out on the town. we then use Diana iphone to rate the restaurants toilets!! the uses of the iphone are many!!

A great evening was had, and after eating we went to a club downtown, where they had a live band playing and the courtyard was a club. all outside so nice. They had long bars either side which were in , but on the balcony above we had a bar as well. The atmosphere was great and the ages were so mixed it was great - we were far from the oldest there!!!

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