Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monday, alisons last shopping day

So the end of Alison's holiday is near, and we need to get some shopping completed before the day is out. Alison and I went of first thing and I introduced her to Khols, a shop I love, and then we went to Target and finished off with a food shop at HEB. This all took much longer than we expected- heaven knows why. You would think years of shopping together would teach us we take out time.
When we got home I stayed and sorted dinner, collecting the children from school and homework, and Alison and Cara took on the Mall, Barton Creek Mall. You need energy and stamina to go there and they achieved that. When they got home we had a lovely evening meal and wine to say goodbye to Alison.

Alison helped with bed and bath time, she seems to have a lot more patience with my children at night then I do!!!

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