Monday, March 23, 2009

More on Alison's visit

Alison on the Zilker Zelpher with the younger two. She had to spend time with them, they were complaining they had not seen aunty Alison, so we rectified that before the shopping in the afternoon.

On Saturday we had a busy day, which involved, going down to Zilker park, shopping and going out in the evening.
The Zilker park experience was great,a s it is a wonderful expanse of natural land in the middle of Austin, that Allan and I love to run around, it has a path that the kids can ride their bikes on, we can run and Jack can walk Tex, so a lot can be achieved from a trip to Zilker.
In the afternoon,we went to South Park meadows, a huge area of shops and restaurants far too close to our house!! Alison treid her first margarita here, in the Texas Roadhouse, a great place to get a steak or ribs, Cara has steak, Alison had a half a slab of ribs, and I was the boring who had the chicken ceasar salad. and of course maragrita's, it is great that Cara can not drink out here, a drive is always present if you should indulge. Alison and I did!!

I have got to go now, Alison is ready, so will update the blog later....

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