Sunday, March 29, 2009

My birthday party

I need to learn restraint once I have been drinking!!!

More corrupted children!!!
The casino area was used by Ben and Jamie, it did seem to be the children who were fascinated by the cards and chips out in this area!!! I hope I am not corrupting the next generation.

Solitaire came to my party

I do like Allan in a DJ

Plenty O'Toole came as well

Jaws, his girlfriend Dolly and a helper for Q

Q is so lucky to be surrounded by such beauties as these bond girls

And more Bond girls

Now that is commitment, she actually made the gun- fantastic

More Bonds the better I say, this one has caught an exotic beauty.

'Shaken not stirred', and gold finger also came.

What fun we had, thank you to everyone who helped make it so special last night. The theme was James Bond and we had a fantastic range of costumes , everyone was so great at joining in the fun and made it a GREAT night.
It is funny today, as even Tex is shattered, that puppy is obviously not old enough to party. She has gone out side once to do her business then has been sleeping ever since on the sofa, now and again wagging her tail to passers by, so funny. Last night, Ben was tired, so lay down on the sofa and used Tex as a pillow, and they lay like that for about an hour, it was sweet, a photo opportunity I missed.

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