Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday's toobing!!

this morning i took the older five tubing at Andy's toobs, down at Canyon lake, they went down the Guadalupe river.

The first challenge of the day was getting them up, we needed tehm to be on the river early, before the sun got too hot . I think early morning are going to be something Thomas and Ellie are not going to do for a while once they leave Texas!!!

then I drove them down there and dropped them off with a cooler and food and drink to feed an just never know ...Cara made all the sandwiches..

Then i9t was up to them..they did the four hour ride, as it will be the last time they do tubing for this year..Alice might get another go, but T and E wont so we made it worth it.

You have a variety of pictures, Cara took my camera ...she is someone i can kick about if it got didn't by the way...and I wanted to be able to show you what they ahd been up to..

The tubes have bottoms, this saves your own bottom, but they ahve all managed to get sunburt a lottle and tube rub on their arms..germoline applied accordingly when they got home..Sun lotion was applied before the went and i sent some more with them..

reapplying it was obviously not the order of the day..

well enjoy the pictures, we are off to the Alamo tomorrow, so more photo's from there.

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