Friday, July 10, 2009

Encahnted rock

This is Enchanted Rock, it is just north of Fredericksburg and Allan and decided to climb it on our wedding anniversary, we are also going to make all the kids climb it next Wednesday so look out for the posting, once Ellie and Alice arrive...we are going to be nice and they will do it in the morning, Allan had me doing it at about 103F...lucky I love the guy really..
Allan half way up, with a tall lonely flower...anyone name it for me?
OK, so I look a bit silly, but I was going for the same pose as I did at Yosemite park a few years ago!!!
The view from the top was took about 30 minutes to climb, it is 1800feet up and there is not a lot around you...nature is truely amazing
Right at the top, there was water lying in eroded areas and plants growing... we are reallt short of rain at the moment, and our tempatures are in 100f every day...but still flowers manage to survive and bloom.
It was a lovely climb and i think the kids will enjoy it..allan has to work so Jo and I are taking them up...will let you know how it goes!!

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