Saturday, July 25, 2009

Paintballing today

They are ready to go...feel the pain...

this is Zach and Thomas..for those of you who do not recognise them kitted out.

Allan tells me Zach and his dad turned up with new guns this morning...I feel the amount of times Jack goes paintballing will increase. Allan is being a scaredycat because when Zach last went Allan shot him at short range and gave him a bleeding whelt...not good, I am still trying to avoid his mother, and she is a lovely lady!!!

Thomas and Zach, with Alex before suiting up.

Jack and Zach.

This was the first time ben and Alex ahve been allowed to go along, and it was only to see!!! the age limit here is much lower than in UK and they, well Alex at least could play, but I am not allowing it yet...he is still such a small boy to me, trying to grow up far too quickly.
I love the way they made them have to wear the safety glasses, that works for me!!

This is Thomas' gun, I am not sure, but i expect big brother was not so accomodating with his gun!!!

here you have the legs of all three boys, very relaxed about the whole day,

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