Monday, July 27, 2009

The Music man performance

So every year a musical is put on at the open air theater in Zilker park...last year we went to beauty and the beast, this year we went to The Musicman..

we arrived early to set up our spot, Cara and I stayed to look after it and read, facebook, text each other..generally do silly things, while the rest of them went to swim in the springs, walk Tex and have fun in the playground.

Then they all came back, ate the picnic we had amde, drank soda's and enjoyed watermelon...yellow watermelon..a first for all of us.

They do not start the performance until dusk, which was 8.30pm and it ended at around a late night for us all.

some friends came along as well, with there four children, so we had a fun , enjoyable evening. It was a bit hot and sticky, but good fun.

Cara and I went to Zilker in the back of the truck and home again that way...not sure what the locals think of that...but we were all together and saved petrol..and only have the truck as the car is STILL in the garage.

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