Friday, July 10, 2009

Capiatl building and the teenagers...

Issie, Jack and Thomas...showing you the way..
I not sure he know he know he can not get through to his mum...will check with him later..
very dramatic Issie...Cara the Photographer out side the Capital
obviously tired after all the sire seeing....
relaxed or poised to attack..
Thomas, Jack..what are those dreams..
The Sunglass kids
Got to love the head phones..Thomas goes no where with out them now..he even took them down kayaking yesterday...all be it that he left them with the ID at the hut..can be separated..

I sent them off for a more educational day today..they had to visit the capital building and visitors centre and learn something of the political process of America and the heart of Texas politics.

They then went down Congress Avenue to find lucy in Disguise, which is the nbest costume dress shop I have been in...and they loved it

Then Cara had to show them a sweet shop that has soooo many sweets in next to our hairdresser...hairy Situations..also on S Congress.

they came home for a fajita sandwich and Allan and I dash off out for a drink and down time...we had had the dog and younger ones all day...

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