Saturday, July 11, 2009

The teenager toobing!!!

This is Cara, she was driving the boys and Issie to the tubing down the river!!

Isabella... were is your hat!!!!!

Ahh a hat...I promise they all went with them...very relaxed pose.

Cara enjoying the river getting the kids somewhere....

Thomas with his coosie!

Jack going with the flow

Feet galore, I wonder how much coordinating it took with the river flow to hold that pose for the camera!?


Thomas again with the cooler tube, we paid for them to have a tube specially for the cooler so they could take food and soda's down the Guadalupe River. Cara had the pleasure of being in charge of the cooler, they found black string half way down and then tied it to Cara's tube. the route was over 3 hours long, next time they will go for the 5 hour route!!! more peace and quiet in the house.

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