Monday, July 27, 2009

Visiting Jo and Alans

So off to Jo and Alan's we went for barbecue, Cara and I sat in the back of the truck, and the kids were all inside, this is because we are law abiding citizens and did not want to get in trouble!!!

Here is Alex, Jo and Alan do not have kids, but tehre house is a constant attraction to my children, it is full of fun toys..romote control darlex, many remote control helo's, PS3, a musicc system that Allan would die for ( well hopefully not actually!!!) and gadgets galore....

they even have the gaming chairs, now Alex and Jack did get one each for Christmas from Cara but not as cool as these.

that is not alcohol, i promise. Alan in teh background made the burgers himself and they were really tasty, they had horseraddish in...i am going to try and steal that recipe.

Alice trying to master nerf guns!!!

Ellie and Ben in the gaming room.

Thomas...what more can I say.

This the pile of shoes when we arrived that we created in the kitchen.

It just goes to show how many of us there are!!! too many I hear Allan say...dont worry darling they go home soon...promise

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