Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday at Cabela's

Cabela's is a HUGE store that is for outdoor pursuits, shooting,, fishing camping, kayaking, etc...lots of fun things. they have designed the store in a really fun way...with lots of fun has an aquarium, an African exhibit...they are stuffed, the aquarium was real!!!

They have a laser shooting gallery upstair which the boys all enjoyed and I have put photo's on of us all having a go..cara and Ellie decided not to come with us, so no photo sof them ..sorry.

Alice not scared of the bear!!!

Thomas with his eyes closed...maybe he is scared????

The shooting gallery

This isa ctually all of us, Alex, Jack, Thomas, me Alan and Ben at the end..Alan is helping Ben

Thomas and me...i was told I do not put pictures of myself on very today you do have some....fussty you lot are, is it not enough I manage to do the blog...time is not something I have a lot of and photogenic is not me!!!

Alice hates this pictures, i think it is because it is soooo posed!!!

half the boys, the older ones where in the gun section!!!!! they caught up with us when it was time for the shooting gallery...

you get all sorts in Texas

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