Friday, July 17, 2009

Enchanted rock

Doesn't he look happy!!!

Allan took all the kids to The Rock this morning, I was on dog duty and got to do more crafting...

It meant they had to get up early..well not really, 7am and be on the road by 8am, so they were at the rock by is not a long climb, maybe 30 minutes, and we did not want them doing it in the heat of the afternoon.

I got them all up and moving, breakfast and sunscreen and then they left spot on 8am..i was proud they were wondering what the day held.

views from the top

Where have all the other photos have got to find them..computers and me do not get on

Ok, here they are, had to go into edit..obviously been watching Allan sort out my cock ups for far too long!!!!

heading down.

At the bottom is this hut, with a water fountain..Allan assures me they all had drinks to take up on the climb.

Ben doing the American peace sign..and that is the honest truth..

Allan tells me he is actually trying to look cool

Starting the climb...they are still looking happy, I know from Allan that whinging did start quite quickly. Only Jack and Thomas and Ben seemed to really enjoy the experience.

It does get steep, short but steep, that is why they were told to wear trainers.

So they look happy...don't they????

The last picture is the last shade before they started the real climb.

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