Friday, July 10, 2009

so far behind...but an update

Issie is at the parade being patriotic!! well done Issabella..worth coming out from Uk for I feel
Ok, now Thomas is also patriotic...we really show them what good sports we are..well done Thomas
If you look really carefeully you can see the red hair of Alex, this the float of The Barracuda's, their swim team, and they both were on it, but Ben was the other side far too happy throwing candy at people to come for a photo call!!!!

nobody is excluded from this parade in our neighbourhood, the fire engines came, locals, teams etc, allan and all the kids went down and watched...i was at home cooking desserts for the 4th july BBQ later that day!!!

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Allan said...

Even the dustcart was in the parade. I couldn't work out whether he was part of it or just trapped in convoy!