Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Bats

We went down to Zilker this evening so we could watch the bats fly at sunset, and left early so we could walk Tex and let her have a swim in Town lake.
Unfortunately Tex got bored before we did and preferred playing with the other dogs than fetching the toy we were throwing in for her.

So Thomas kindly got in the lake and swam to etch it...Thank you Thomas, not quiet sure if you are going to live down the teasing , but i was grateful...
he bought back a stray tennis ball as well as the toy blue bone..

I managed to get them to pose together, not easy, but they did it for me..I told them their mum would love it....

Alex in the back ground trying to catch Tex, the older ones quiet happy chatting

A group photo..

Cara and Ellie posing next to Stevie Vaugn.. might have to check that spelling and come back to you.

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