Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Alamo

This time we made it to the Alamo, with the car behaving itself the whole way...most impressed I was.

It is such an important part of Texas's history, that i wanted to show them, and I grew up knowing the film The Alamo, but it seems it is no longer in fashion..none of them knew a thing,

I dutifully made them sit through he film made by the History channel, only 15 minutes long but it sums up the The Alamo.

Never gone around it so quicky, but I gave them some history and feel good for it...a parents prerogative..ahhhh I am not their parent, well I felt it was my duty to force the Alamo on them and feel they learnt something and at least enjopyed being somewhere different.

The weather was fantastic, we went early to miss the main heat of the day and ate ice creams as well.

The boat trip was fun as always, and i learnt new things about san Antonio, Alice and I sat last night and watched a doulbe fest of miss Congeniality, so we could see the stage and the Alamo on the film, as I pointed these out on the trip.the boat trip.

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