Saturday, August 1, 2009

They drove into the sunset!!

Ok, a bit dramatic, especially as it was 0930 in the morning, but they did drive away..

Allan took them to Houston as he was off work as the office is moving, and on Monday he goes to a new building...closer to home actually.

allan stopped on the way and gave them lunch at 'Whataburger'..Thomas went for the tripple burger and cheese, it is HUGE. Ellie once again was ladylike and did not try and compete.

Thomas texted me when he was at the gate, then Allan left and drove home...

We are looking forward to them coming out all seems so far away next year, but hopefully it will fly by.
Now i only have Alice left, and she flies home with Cara at the end of August..

imagine how quiet this house will become after this summer...

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