Saturday, August 1, 2009

IHOP on the way home

On the way home we stopped for some pancakes for lunch, they had not been to an IHOP, so wanted to go. I think they were suitably impressed with the size of the pancakes..

Just FYI IHOP is open 24/7 365 days a year, even Christmas day..sad really, but very useful as well.

we used them at 5am, the day after we arrived as we had no food in the apartment and everyone was hungry and awake early, so our IHOP initiation was with in 12 hours of arriving in Texas.

it is a favourite place for the kids, as they serve pancakes with everything...Jack of course likes his with surprises there. Alex just likes a huge stack of them.

As you can see Alice had chocolate chip ones, Thomas had 'pigs in blankets' it is starter option, and althought the sausages are small I reminded him it is about the pancakes!!

a good time was had by all, allan text me in teh middle of this to say a storm was forming near us, and sure enough the heavens opened, so i ran to the car and moved it nearer for them..although Ben wanted to play in the rain...we get so little that it is fun to play in and so having a shower really. so wet we headed home.

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