Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallowe'en keeps rolling

This afternoon I went down to the school to help in Ben's class with Fall centres-Centres are where the children learn through constructive play, they have them for 45 minutes everyday. Today was obviously themed and parents came in to help and generally have a good time helping the Kinders.
I had baked sugar cookies( getting in to the lingo) cut them in pumpkin shapes and took a load of frosting( know to us as butter icing) down in piping bags and sparkling gels , sprinkles etc, It was messy but the Kinders all loved it, I might add many of them could not finish the cookies they put so much icing on them, but that was what it was all about. The other activites were, pumpkin rolloing, decorating a pumpkin( the one they chose on Wednesday at the Pumpkin Patch), necklace making( all beads in Fall colours, face painting, spooky hands( see through plastic gloves with candy corn as the nails and popcorn as the main hand tied together at the wrist) bobbing for Apples. Then the kids went to there normal Friday joint sing-a-long with all the kinder classes( there are six of them). Bens teacher leads this as she can play the guitar and enjoys the 'over the top' actions and costums etc. It was great, i was called up to wear a hat along with six other parents, each hat was an animal and they children sang Old MacDonald, and we had to do our animal sound- I was act so that was just fine. They then sang The five days of hallowe'en, and five chioldren held up A3 posters with 1 owl in a dead tree, 2 trick and treaters, 3 skeletons, 4 pumpkins and 5 scary ghosts. They have been practicing very well. All sorts of songs had been adapted and it was great to see. I have included our crossing gaurd Karen, as she had a bowl of Candy for each child that crossed with her this afternoon and had dressed up. Everyone is saying'Happy Hallowe'en', it is contagious as I found myself saying the same in reply!

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