Wednesday, October 1, 2008

San Antonio Riverwalk

Back In August we went down to the Alamo, at San Antonio. we did not manage to see so much as the temperature was over 100F, and the children were not happy about wondering around in that. It is only an hour away, so we will be going back now the weather has cooled down some. whist we were there we went down to the River Walk, and it was so beautiful. I will taking all of our visitors down to see this part of San Antonio, the outskirts is awful. A mass area of concrete buildings put up with no care for how they looked. You drive through the outskirts for about 20 minutes wondering if any part of the city is nice, and then you come across this amazing area in the centre. The Alamo itself is very tranquil considering it is the centre of the city. We have the DVD of the Alamo- John Wayne version and Alex and Ben are now hooked, they keep playing it and are keen to re-visit. We will wait until the afternoon temperatures are down to low 80's, it is not fun taking children sight seeing in the heat( or not my children anyway!!!). San Antonio is now the second largest city in Texas, after Houston, as Dallas and Fort Worth have now offically seperated. Austin is a small city in comparision and much more appealing- honest

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Kim Styles said...

Who takes the photos when both u and Allan are in the picture? Has Alex been fitted for his first Davy Crockett hat and demanded a Bowie knife? In the heat you are reporting, is it normal for work to start and finish early as we used to do in the Services when on "Tropical Routine" abroad? We are very jealous of your good fortune and glad to see you are taking full advantage of seeing the local scene properly.