Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kindergartens tea party

Cara was thrilled to be able to help all week at school and getting up super early to get to school just adds to the whole experience, so off we went to set up, serve and tidy down a tea party for the Frogs and Turtles, ( Ben is in the Frog class). We were home again by 0855. They were practicing their manners they had been learning, all the children had to dress up and were being served by the parents who volunteered- I happily volunteered myself and Cara. We were meant to wear fancy frocks and hats for the occassion, but the Turtles room mum changed the rules a few days before, it upset the Frogs mums and our room mum decided we could still wear hats, so I did- nobody else did though!, apart from one of the little girls in Ben's class. We had to now wear black and white. Never a problem for me.

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Cara said...

now this comment has to be read in an american accent, infact it has to be read in a texas accent.. are y'all ready?

now benjamin there does look pretty darn cute in these here pictures. dont y'all think?