Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Marble Falls

On Monday it was Columbus day and the children were off school, so Allan and I took them out to Marble Falls for the day( well not Jack who wished to chill at home- we think with an x-box or u-tube). The reason we picked Marble Falls is on our journey to the Texas, we had a particularly awful change over at Chicago, which resulted in us nearly missing our plane. They were calling for us and about to close the gates, we were all tired and on our body clocks it was midnight. Alex and Ben were hungry and when we got on to the plane, none of us were sitting next to each other. Ben was particularly distressed which did not help me- so why marble Falls, because the lady Ben was sat next too runs a book shop there. Dortha was so nice to him, he settled down and slept on her. As a mum you could not have asked for anything better. Dortha was on the plane with her three daughters, they had all had a holiday in Europe away from the husbands and kids and by chance we were seated next to them independantly, so once in the air, shuffling happened so that Alex could go next to cara and we sttled down for the remainder of our journey. all we knew was that Dortha had a book shop in marble Falls, so we went exploring. We found Dortha and her book shop and had a lovely time in a quaint town in the hill country.

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