Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rain at last

Well it rained. No it really rained, we had 1.03" yesterday, and everyone was rejoicing, it made headline news and although they definitely do not know how to deal with rain, our lovely locals were over the moon. When I still cycled the children to school, it was commented on. There were only 6 bikes yesterday ( there is 851 pupils at the school), so you can imagine how many cars there were.
Walking was not an option in the rain apparently, really interesting to see, everyone was excited about the rain, but nobody wanted to venture into it. The temperature was still in the 70's and the rain was warm. I have a huge pile of sodden clothes to testify that jumping in puddles and bouncing on trampolines is still a child favourite past time when it rains, and slides are a must, especially if you can come off the end with a war cry as well.

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Abi said...

What else are children for?!