Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yet more weather

The weather is getting colder, although I am sorry to say Alex and Ben have worn hoodies on top of there shorts and T-shirts to go to school these last two mornings, then when they come out of school, mum is there with her trusted basket to carry backpacks and hoodies home!! I still have my uses!


Abi said...

I'd like to say we are here shivering and to only be wearing hoodies would be bliss. However I can't. We are currently enjoying an unseasonal warm spell, with a high of 18 degrees forecast for tomorrow. Love the weather detail!

Tamzin Jane Cochrane said...

Yes, but your high is close to my low, so they are getting soft. The sun still doth shine. Although it is still not fully up when we cycle down to school in the mornings!