Sunday, October 26, 2008

More wildlife to help encourage you to visit

When we went out last Saturday to friends for some Mexican food and Margarita's, ( we cycled to them so we could indulge ourselves) we came home to find a visitor on the stairs. How it got in to the house is a mystery, but in it came, Allan being brave scooped it into a cup and put it over the back fence. That is the second Scorpion we have had in the house, most are in the garage or outside.
Then yesterday evening when we were tidying up from Ben's party one of the kitchen chairs was being carried in by little old me, and suddenly I felt the Praying Mantis on my hand, I will have to confess to a squeal, still remember the scorpion you see!!!! Allan once again dealt with our new visitor and it also went over the back fence. Just so you know over our back fence is some rough ground, with lots of trees and bushes, that the fire department has for training. I have never seen them there but it is designated a training area for them, so we are just helping them tackle natural Texas wildlife. The scorpion had its tail curled until Allan poked it with a pencil, then it stretched it out and looked a lot bigger!! My bug book says Praying Mantis are good pets, and will eat any bugs so good indoors as well for pest control - not sure what my food safety head says about that!? apparently they are very friendly. Now my food safety head loves scorpions, which by the way are not insects, they are arachnids - part of the spider family, because they eat roaches - now that is good. ( Matthew I will ship you some over if you have any sites that have a real problem, they sting and its painful, but not life threatening, the chefs will be fine!)


Cara said...

That was so funny when you put your hand on the praying mantis trying to bring the chair in! you screamed soooo loud... i know i would have!

Tamzin Jane Cochrane said...

I am allowed too, it was a not a great experience