Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bens actual birthday

bens party was not until today actually, 25/10/08, so on his birthday i asked what he would likef or his tea, and he decided he would like us to grill and have some poeple over, he chose well, and I obeyed. ( I am quiet good at obeying when it is about thier birthday's) . So we had a few families over, a wonderful evening was had by all and Alex's teacher gave him special permission not to do his homework for Monday until Tuesday- we did get groans on Tuesday, but he caught up and all was well. Allan managed to get home from work at a sensible time, even taking in to account he was cycling to work, and since the children go to school so early, we had already primed Ben to know he would only get his present from Allan and I before school. So present opening time happened, then guests arrived and a party was had. Photo's attached to prove we can party on school and work nights.

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