Saturday, October 4, 2008

Marathon for kids

Today we took Alex and Ben down to the Mike Myers stadium to start their 'marathon for kids'. they have to walk, run, hop etc, 26.2 miles in 4.5 months. The final lap of the stadium on 21st February next year will earn them a medal. 54,000 children have signed up to do this in Austin, so it was a great morning. you needed some enthusiasm for all the yippee's and general congratualtions that go on to start any event. We must have clapped most VIP's in Austin, but once the event got under way it was well organised and although we were one of the last groups on tot he track- they had us sitting in the stadium in school alphabetical order, then they started with Z and Alex and Ben go to Baranoff, so D - A was the last to be hearded to the start line! I would have to confess to many 'when is it our turn' to be uttered while we waited, which was not helpped by people not wanting to wait so just moving sections, this frustrated A and B quiet a lot, but Allan and I were quiet happy to sit and wait for our turn. The frog Ben is holding is one he had to take home from school this weekend and look after, so 'Froggy' came with us. The man out front with the children on the Flag lap is Lance Armstrong, we also had the Chief of Police running and the Mayor. Alex managed to get a high five from Lance as we did our lap, although I would say he is oblivious to who Lance is at the moment - he will learn, Austin is very proud of him.

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Kenzie said...

We wish both Ben and Alex the best of luck in there challenge and the world clock and local weather gadets are cool

Kenzie, Gill Charlotte and Hollie