Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Trick or Treater came!!

It was a fun night, and just like it is portrayed in American movies( well maybe not the scary ones!) Alex and Ben went off with Allan and another family, Matt, Carrie and their children Zach and Leah, to see how much candy they could get. They managed to get far too much!! I stayed at home and greeted every Trick or Treater who came to the door and handed out the candies. I tried to take photo's but it was not always possible, as sometimes they came thick and fast, but most of the time I was able to keep up. It all started around dusk, about 6.30pm and really ended about 8pm, although we kept our lights on until 9pm and got a few older kids and stragglers. The weather was delightful, the paper is saying we started the evening at 6pm at 82F, and moved to 65F by 8pm, so it was very pleasant all evening. I have included a selection of the costumes that came to our door, just for you all to see, but it was a costume spectacular with out a doubt.

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