Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bens pumpkin pie class activity

Ben made pumpkins pie yesterday, November 19th 2008, in his class. each table had to make the pie from scratch( well tinned pumpkin is hardly scratch!!!), the pastry case and then make up the mixture for the centre of the pumpkin pie. He enjoyed making the pie, the school canteen cooked them( and actually burnt them all!!!) and today for snack time they ate them. Some children had 4 or 5 slices. Ben had the obligatory' must try it two mouth fulls' and just went on to the whipped cream. The other mums ate it, but I was with Ben. I am going to make my own - from scratch. the pumpkins are sitting on the side in our kitchen, and then we will see what the family as a whole think of Pumpkin Pie. One of the mum's said to me, "I love pumpkin Pie, but only eat it at Thanksgiving", it must be a tradition like our Christmas pudding, which I love but only eat at Christmas.

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