Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What radio station do I listen too

We all seem to listen to a different station, and I will ask Allan to let you know what he has the car tuned too, but the station I usually have on is magic on 95.5, if you wanted a taste of Austin then the link is www.majic.com I usually wake up to this and have it on for a few hours each day, then actually I get fed up with the adverts, or their blatant promotion of products. It is fine in small doses. I am listening from 0545, which is in the afternoon for you, so feel free to tune in and get our weather, news and at the moment Christmas songs in full pelt.
Cara listens to a totally different one again- very noisy and makes me feel old. I think her station is Kiss, but will confirm that for you as well.


Cara said...

yep, i listen to 96.7 kiss fm, which is also full of adverts but the music is awesome, new and old stuff. its slightly diferent to our kiss radio station in england. Love you Mom =) x

Tamzin Jane Cochrane said...

when you get here we will work on your spelling, M-U-M, love you too