Sunday, November 9, 2008

Science night

Alex, Ben and I (Allan) attended the Baranoff science night last Thursday. The school (well, the PTA probably) laid on pizza and drinks for us and about 100 other parents and children and after the meal we went inside to discover a bit about science.

Alex immediately disappeared and Ben and I found him on the science web sites on the computers, he was very enchanted by the simulation of the earth going round the sun and the effect that the earth's inclination had on the seasons. Ben and I made a rolling measure from a paper plate and a bit of wood. We also had a go at sticking a skewer through a balloon, much to Ben's disgust - a waste of a perfectly good balloon in his eyes.

We also extracted the 'dust', for want of a better name, that absorbs the dampness in babies' nappies and watched as it swelled up when water was added. We also tried to see if we could magnetise a nail, which we did not manage, much to my disappointment.

Amongst other experiments were adding Borax to white glue and food colouring to make something resembling 'silly putty' and we watched dry ice bubbles. Alex popped up from time to time, he'd been examining how not all black inks were the same by allowing the ink to be diluted in water on filter paper.

All in all an enjoyable night, even if we didn't actually find any iron particles in our iron enhanced cereal!

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